RGP Arrest RHIB Crew Suspected Of Drug Trafficking Off Europa Point

Three Spanish nationals suspected of involvement in drug trafficking activities were arrested at sea by the RGP Marine Section last night at approximately 11pm.

The RGP deployed after receiving an alert from the Guardia Civil which had tracked a suspect RHIB from the Malaga region, heading toward BGTW in the direction of Europa Point.

After an extensive search of the area by the RGP patrol boat, the vessel, displaying no navigation lights, was detected on the police radar some 2.8 nautical miles from Europa Point.

After a high-speed chase, officers apprehended the seven metre RHIB and arrested the three men who were then conveyed to New Mole House. The vessel was carrying numerous petrol containers. 

The Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) assisted the RGP in the arrest.

The three men have been charged with importing a prohibited import (RHIB) and will be appearing in the Magistrates’ Court this morning.