Local Couple Arrested In Cross Border Anti-Money Laundering Operation


Two Gibraltarians have been arrested by RGP officers today on suspicion of money laundering following cross-border collaboration with the Guardia Civil. The RGP say a luxury yacht berthed in Gibraltar has been impounded, and following the execution of search warrants in a private dwelling, over E200,000 in cash and various electronic devices were seized by officers from the RGPs Money Laundering Investigation Unit. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

Further warrants in commercial premises have been executed today and an RGP spokesman did not rule out further arrests. 

The two suspects, a husband and wife couple who are believed to have strong links with organised crime groups in Spain are currently on police bail. 

An RGP spokesman said: “Cross border cooperation between law enforcement organisations to tackle transnational organised crime, drug trafficking and money laundering activities is stronger than ever. 

“These groups have no boundaries or borders and we will pursue them tirelessly and also those who facilitate money laundering of the proceeds of crime. Our efforts will continue unabated.” 



Images supplied by the RGP