RGP: “Disappointing” That So Many People Are Not Wearing Masks - 65 Fined Over Weekend

In the period from Friday morning (13 Nov) till Sunday evening (15 Nov), 65 people were issued with Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for failing to wear a mask in the designated area around Main Street and Irish Town. A map showing the designated streets is attached.

Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger said, ‘Sadly, just a few days ago we saw Gibraltar’s first death due to Covid so it is particularly disappointing that so many people are choosing to disregard the regulations which are in place to protect all of us from the virus.

‘Of course, I should stress that the vast majority of people are doing the responsible thing and wearing their masks around the town centre. It is therefore unfair on these people that, whilst they are acting in a responsible manner, others around them are failing to comply with legislation which was passed on the specific advice of our Public Health experts.

‘It gives me no satisfaction to report that 65 FPNs have been issued. I would much rather that people acted responsibly and that they policed this measure for themselves.’