Drug Dealer’s Assets Confiscated

A judge has ordered the confiscation of a drug dealer’s assets.

Anthony Casey was arrested in March 2018 by Drug Squad officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police. Subsequently on the 3rd July 2018 Anthony CASEY pleaded guilty to:

- Possession and Possession with intent supply 154.23 grams of cocaine;

- Possession and possession with intent to supply 1.27 grams of Amphetamine;

- Possession and possession with intent to supply 458.97 grams of Cannabis Resin;

- Possession of 1.8 grams of Herbal Cannabis;

- Possession of a firearm and

- Possession of ammunition

The drugs had a street value of approximately £11,600. A total of approximately £16,000 in cash in three different currencies were seized as part of the investigation. A parallel financial investigation was conducted by officers of the Money Laundering Investigation Unit (MLIU) who found that CASEY had benefitted over £117,000 from his Drugs Trafficking.

Today, Mr Justice Yeats, Puisne Judge, passed an order valuing the Defendant’s proceeds of criminal conduct at £117,701.64 and confiscating the defendant’s realisable assets, being the cash found as part of the investigation namely, £12, 340, $2,155.81 and €3,016.95.

A police spokesperson said: “The MLIU will continue to carry out its role as part of the Government of Gibraltar’s wider strategy on Anti-Money Laundering and the Countering of Terrorist Financing. As such it will pursue those persons benefitting from criminal conduct of any kind with the view of confiscating their ill-gotten gains.”

The assets confiscated are transferred to the Government of Gibraltar and are not retained by the Royal Gibraltar Police.