Spanish National Fined £2,000 For Incident At Sea

A Spanish national has been fined £2,000 in court this morning following being charged with Resisting or Obstructing Police, Fishing for Tuna without a Licence and Dangerous User. He received a £1,000 fine for Fishing for Tuna without a Licence, as well as a £1,000 fine for Resisting/Obstructing Police.

A statement from the RGP follows below:

Juan Antonio MARTIN PEREZ, 47, a restaurateur of La Linea, who has been wanted by the  Royal Gibraltar Police for almost seven months, handed himself into police yesterday and  was charged with: 

∙ Resisting or Obstructing Police 

∙ Fishing for Tuna without a Licence 

∙ Dangerous User (Contrary to Sec.10 of the Sea Side and Pleasure Boats Rules  1989). 

MARTIN PEREZ pleaded guilty to all three charges. He received a £1,000 fine for Fishing for  Tuna without a Licence, a £1,000 fine for Resisting or Obstructing Police and no separate fine for driving his pleasure boat dangerously. 

It follows an incident on September 15th last year when Marine Section officers were  patrolling local waters south of Europa Point. 

Officers observed a Spanish registered pleasure boat, which appeared to be tuna fishing in  breach of the season regulations and without a permit. 

Officers attempted to stop the vessel, which MARTIN PEREZ initially complied with.