Juvenile Charged With Multiple Counts Of Burglary

Last Friday, a 17 year old male juvenile was charged with 5 counts of Burglary, 2 counts of Attempted Burglary and 1 count of Going Equipped for Theft.

A statement from the RGP follows below:

The charges following his arrest in the early hours of Friday morning after Response Team  officers attended to a report of Attempted Burglary at retail premises situated in the area of  Marina Bay. Whilst officers were conducting enquiries in the area, the individual was  identified, challenged and made good his escape before being pursued and apprehended in  the area of Laguna Estate minutes later. 

Officers also discovered that forced entry had been made into 5 offices and a further  attempt made to make forced entry into office premises, all of which are situated within the  same area of Marina Bay. 

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department took over the investigation and, following extensive enquiries undertaken throughout the course of today, together  with information received from Crime Scene Investigators, interviewed and charged the  juvenile with the above-described offences. 

The juvenile was additionally charged with one count of Burglary, in respect of an offence  committed at office premises situated at Town Range on the 29th November 2020, which  had been under investigation. 

He remains in police custody and will appear before the Juvenile Court on Monday 17th  May 2021.