Mar 21 - TA Soldiers Retire

cbfTA soldier CSgt Llanelo was given a leaving presentation by Commanding Officer Lt Col Colin Risso following 39 years of service.

CSgt Llanelo joined the Regiment in 1974 and has remained an Infantryman throughout his career. As a Cpl he was a section commander and part of the Recruit Training Team, he undertook numerous courses while serving including Range Management and NBC Instructor and his final role is B Company Training SNCO.

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Mar 21 - Government Lobbies in Brussels

nigel farage The Chief Minister, along with Dr Garcia, the Government’s legal advisor Michael Llamas, and UK Government Representative Albert Poggio, are currently in Brussels where they are set to meet with a number of European Union institutions, including the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament.

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Mar 20 - Minister Licudi Visits School in Brazilian Favela

licudiEducation Minister, Gilbert Licudi, this week visited a community school in one of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, during his time in the City, where he was speaking at the Hedge Fund Brazil Forum.

Mr Licudi visited the Para Ti community school in Vila Canoas where around 80 children from the favela come to take part in after school activities every day. Mr Licudi spent time looking at the work the children do and learnt about Para Ti, an NGO involved in the cultural and socio-economic development of the favela.

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Mar 20 - Prison Sentence for Imports and Exports Offence

customs18 year old Spanish national of La Linea, Jairo Perez Mena was convicted in the Magistrates’ Court this morning charged with exporting goods without a license issued by the Collector of Customs; an offence under the Imports and Exports Act.

Sr. Perez Mena was arrested by customs officers on Eastern Beach Road on March 7th. He had been seen exporting goods via the frontier fence north of the runway and, upon being challenged, had attempted to flee the scene. Following a short pursuit, he was detained and subsequently charged.

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Mar 20 - Government Insists ‘People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones’

government logoCommenting on the Chief Minister’s Visit to Washington, following the GSD’s recent insistence that the Government announce who invited Mr. Picardo to the Candlelight Inaugural dinner, the Government has said that their response will not change, no matter how many times, or in how many different ways the Opposition may raise the question.

A statement released by the Chief Minister noted, ‘it is surprising that the Opposition should consider it scandalous that the individuals or companies who facilitated this trip should not be named. When the GSD were in office, they refused to provide these same specific details of a breakdown in the lobbying vote when the information was requested of them.

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Mar 20 - New Bus for Mount Alvernia Route

new busThe Ministry for Public Transport, in conjunction with the Gibraltar Bus Company, has today announced the purchase of a new Mini bus that is set to meet the needs of the daily services to Mount Alvernia.

Following the introduction of bus route 7, which goes directly to Mount Alvernia, the Government received a number of representations on the need for a new bus to follow the new route. The vehicle was purchased locally from Lucas Imossi Motors Ltd.

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