Together Gibraltar Replies To Privatisation Concerns

Together Gibraltar has replied to concerns about privatisation expressed by Unite the union.

The party says it believes in delivering “well-funded, high quality public services.”

A spokesperson continued: “In fact, we have been critical of the underfunding of key public services, and about the deployment of agency workers with substandard working conditions in many areas of our public sector - all of which have been occurring regularly under the GSLP/Libs administration. We have complained about the impact on worker morale of these covert privatisation policies, the poor deal it provides for the taxpayer, and the potential for cronyism they bring.

“To make this issue crystal clear, Together Gibraltar does not believe in privatising any of our public services. Our economic plan includes an initiative to cut waste and redeploy efforts into more productive areas but does not plan for a reduction in workforce or a deterioration of workers’ conditions. In fact, we believe in providing our public services with better training, more efficient and less politicised management - in order to make their work easier and more fulfilling.

“Any remarks made from TG candidates in this respect must be placed in this context. Looking up for the interests of the taxpayer does not mean privatising. It means ensuring fairness, productivity and the end of maladministration, for the benefit of the civil service and the entire community.”