GSD Welcomes Government’s Plan To Assess Spread of Coronavirus in Gibraltar

The GSD says it welcomes the Government's announcement that it will now commence testing of a proportion of the population for Coronavirus to assess the prevalence of the virus in the population. 

A statement from the GSD follows below:

On 19 March 2020 the GSD called for the rolling out of a systematic and comprehensive testing policy of people presenting COVID19 type symptoms on a far wider scale. The GSD have previously called for a better source of statistical information to enable our public health authorities, our Government and the community at large to better gauge the effectiveness of the preventative measures and now the widescale lockdown of Gibraltar. 

Shadow Minister for Health, Elliott Phillips MP said: 

"The Government's announcement on wider testing is welcomed and reflects the representations we have made to the Government privately and our public calls for the acceleration of a comprehensive and systematic testing of the population. While we would have preferred that a more systematic programme be rolled out sooner we are glad it is now going to happen. The Opposition is united with Government in fighting the threat the virus represents to our people, our health service and our economy. We call on everyone in our community to support and cooperate fully with the GHA in the rolling out of the Covid19 testing programme which has at its principal objective the preservation of life and the health and security of our community"