GSD Seeks Answers On “Unexplained Parking Measures” At Coaling Island

The GSD says it notes the “apparent reclassification” of the parking facility at Coaling Island over the long weekend. The party says that this “unexplained move” by the Government is yet another example of a “disjointed approach” to traffic and parking policy in which the public have “quite rightly expressed their deep reservations over.”

A statement continued: “Whilst it is abundantly clear from public reaction that many question and reject the poorly planned road closures which become effective as from Monday 1st June, this new, sudden and further inexplicable change to parking arrangements solidifies the views held by many that the Government should urgently pause and take necessary time to plan and consult before implementing changes through which they seek to deal with some of Gibraltar’s perennial traffic and parking issues.”

Shadow Minister of Transport, Elliott Phillips said:

“The imposition of paid parking in the area of Coaling Island is only adding fuel to the fire and whilst we all agree that there should be less cars on our roads conducting small tweaks which result in the public paying for parking is going to achieve very little. The Government appear to have little regard in this sudden move for those who are unable to use public transport or find it difficult to pay the daily parking rates. The Government must rethink its strategy and take time to properly consider the significant impact that proposed changes will have on the public. The complete lack of communication on this issue in the context of increasing widespread discontent amongst the public is creating a significant level of mistrust between the public and the Government and a full explanation in now required.”