Together Gibraltar Say Chief Minister Is Losing Respect For The Electorate

Together Gibraltar has said the Chief Minister’s “increasingly arrogant and dismissive” tone with his electorate, shows a “clear disregard” for criticisms that are “fair and healthy” in a democratic system. 

A statement from Together Gibraltar follows below:

Mocking the spelling of legitimate political statements or engineering public vendettas against people littering in the upper rock (something TG do not condone) are simply not behaviours becoming of someone holding the highest office of the land, regardless of the substance of these actions or criticisms. 

The latest episode, in which statements on the Community Care reform are dismissed as encapsulating “the culture of entitlement”, are the height of hypocrisy. It is simply outrageous that this so-called “culture of entitlement” of our citizens - which Together Gibraltar prefer to refer to as the “culture of irresponsibility” of those who have governed us in recent years- is now being denounced by the leader of the party which most contributed to creating it. 

Whether Fabian Picardo likes them or not, criticisms of the GSLP’s policies are legitimate and should be respected, and he should refrain from these inappropriate displays of mockery and contempt. TG leader, Marlene Hassan Nahon, stated in this respect: “statements regarding cuts to Community Care, which will have a very significant negative impact on the welfare of many of our retired citizens deserve the utmost consideration. The Gibraltar electorate should not be treated with such disrespect and vanity.” 

We have seen the tone of the CM become progressively crass and disdainful over the last months, and his tolerance of dissent and disagreement decrease substantially. He should start showing some respect for the community he serves, and exercise his office with decorum and humility.