Jul 31 - Alvarez: “We Will Take The Pressure To Spain”

‘Equality Rights Group is ready to take the pressure to Spain if need be,’ Chairman Felix Alvarez has stated today in a communiqué to the Press.

‘Simply sitting or standing on this side of the fence is no longer a sufficient option and does not take the message to ordinary people in Madrid, London, Seville, Manchester or any other part of Spain or Britain. We will no longer be satisfied with three-minute and all-too-often manipulated sound bites.

‘As a Human and Civil Rights organisation, we do not act on impulse. We analyse, we plan strategies over the medium and long terms, and we act for maximum effect. Anyone who has followed our work over the past decade and more will know that.

‘Our actions are peaceful but determined and effective. We believe neither in violence nor in hatred and we will not work with those who do not understand this basic premise. All proper political and diplomatic routes and actions must also always be exhausted, and ERG has been closely observing conditions as they have been developing over an extensive period of time, not just during the present situation.

‘However, pro-Gibraltar human rights activism must also necessarily include efficient actions that not only bring results but ensure the eyes of the world are firmly focused on the kind of extreme politics Spanish Premier Mr Rajoy and his cronies in the Partido Popular (PP) seem to favour. We intend to speak the same language with him in return. Because we are a Gibraltarian organisation committed to furthering human and civil rights solidarity, we extend our hand of friendship and support across the border and will not stand idly by and watch how the many thousands of ordinary Spanish working people and their families who only seek to protect their livelihoods are affected, let alone the many innocent visitors to our land each day!

‘To this end, ERG-GGR has established an activist reaction and support infrastructure in key Spanish and British population centres, with the cooperation and coordination of friendly Spanish and British activists. This will ensure that any future inhuman violation or discomfort targeted at Gibraltar will meet an adequate response and translate to the Spanish capital and/or elsewhere in peaceful, legal but effective ways. It will also ensure that Gibraltar does not remain a 3-minute sound byte on British or international media outlets. Timing, targeting and scale will be carried out relevantly, appropriately, and with precision and competence.

‘ERG-GGR will no longer tolerate the PP’s violation of basic principles of humanity and European cooperation towards Gibraltar and Gibraltarians. In this we will work shoulder to shoulder with our Spanish and UK friends of all political persuasions or none who are committed to the same principles of peaceful and legal action, justice, human rights and democracy we ourselves espouse. And the European Union will also have to answer on justice and human rights for all in Europe and stop ignoring the needs of small populations. The fundamental Treaty right of freedom of movement for all Europeans is something we are not willing to allow the European Union to pass the parcel on any more.'

Mr Alvarez closed his statement by saying ‘I have today delivered a message to this effect to His Excellency The Governor to advise him of our commitment to all political and diplomatic efforts to bring the on-going harassment of Gibraltar and Gibraltarians by the Rajoy government to an end. We believe in allowing proper processes to take place, with as steady and as patient a hand as need be. Nonetheless, our determination and readiness, if necessary, to move beyond the Gibraltar border in our legal and democratic protest actions is an equally firm and legitimate resolve.’