Gibraltar Medallions - The Full List

Journalists, teachers, cultural figures and people with a history of charitable work are among those who have been awarded the Gibraltar Medallions of Honour and Distinction at this morning’s meeting of Parliament.

Two motions were passed to confer the awards to the following:

The Gibraltar Medallion of Honour to:

For services to Culture outside Gibraltar: Mr Karel Mark Chichon. Having excelled outside Gibraltar in his field of music as a conductor.

For public service: Mrs Elisa Sheriff (Posthumous). Pro-Gibraltar campaigner in London in the 1960s, who stood for election to the House of Commons against then Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart to promote Gibraltar's cause.

Mrs Karen Prescott: The first Gibraltarian woman Judge.

Mr Louis Triay QC: Services to Politics, the Law and Sailing.

The Gibraltar Medallion of Distinction was bestowed to:

For Services to Education:

Mr Robert Albert Beiso (Posthumous Award)

Mrs Maria Teresa Beiso

Mrs Julie Canepa

Mrs Janet Davidson

Mr Stewart Harrison (Cybersecurity work)

Mr Joseph Cortes

Mrs Jyoti Massetti

Mrs Patricia Duarte

Mr Charles Pizarro

For Services to Promoting Europe and Education: Mr Albert Danino and Mr Ivan Navas

For Promoting Gibraltar Abroad:

Mr Joseph Carseni (United States of America)

Mr David Liston (United States of America)

Mr Mohamed Lehyan (Morocco)

For Charitable Work:

Ms Emily Adamberry (Clubhouse)

Mrs Marielou Guerrero (Gib Sams)

Mr Kishin Alwani (Alwani Charitable Trust)

Monsignor Charles Azzopardi (Several Charitable Projects)

Mrs Rosanna Olivares (Multiple Charitable Projects)

Mrs Mercy Posso (Cancer Charities)

Mrs Myra Zayas (Cancer Charities)

Mrs Annie Green (Childline Gibraltar)

Mrs Daphne Alcantara (Work with Alzheimer and Dementia Patients and Families)

Mr Alfred Medina (Ivanhoe Society and Charitable Causes)

Mr Julio Pons (Multiple Associations and Societies)

Mr Joseph Chiara (St John Ambulance)

For Services to Health: Mrs Janet Lane

Mrs Susan Vallejo

Mr Anthony Kevan Sercombe

Dr Adolfo Donald Bacarese-Hamilton

For Services to our Environment and Quality of Life:

Dr Keith Bensusan (GONHS) and Mrs Janet Howitt (ESG)

For Services to Culture:

Mr Jordan Bautista (Polish National Ballet)

Mr Joseph (Pepe) Roman (Author of the lyrics of ‘Llevame donde naci’)

Mr Freddie Ryman (Postage Stamp Designer)

Mr John Grech (Catering Services to the City Hall)

Mr Nathan Payas (Opera)

The Gibraltar Re-enactment Society

Mr Tito Vallejo (Promoting the History of Gibraltar)

Mr John Bugeja (Photography)

Mrs Lati Edmonds (Former Commissioner of Girlguiding Gibraltar)

Mrs Valerie Feetham-Makey (Former Commissioner of Girlguiding Gibraltar)

Mr Alfred Reoch (Scouts)

For Services to Tourism:

Mr William Piccone (Bristol Hotel)

Mr Stephen Vella (Kestrel Aviation Management)

For Public Service:

The Hon Joseph Caruana (Public Service and Drugs Rehabilitation)

Mr Jack Noble (Chairman Royal Engineers Association Gibraltar Branch)

Ms Hazel Cumbo (CEO Courts Service, presided over changeover)

Mr Hector Cohen (TGWU/ AACR/ Lions/ Diabetic Association/ Cavalcade Committee)

Mr Dennis Reyes (Posthumous Award – former Clerk of the House of Assembly)

Mrs Aida Goldwin (To the Holy Trinity Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe/Local Community)

Mr Gilbert Joseph Podesta (Heritage)

Mr Paul Baglietto (Royal Gibraltar Regiment)

Professor Clive Finlayson (Work on Gorham’s Cave)

Dr Geraldine Finlayson (Work on Gorham’s Cave)

Mr Mario Hook (The Office of the Ombudsman)

Mr Michael Gil (Former Chief Technical Officer and Public Services Commission)

Mr Hector Montado (Chief Technical Officer)

Mr John Collado (Former Managing Director Land Property Services Ltd)

Mr Peter Montegriffo QC (Politics, Law, Financial Services, Gaming, University of Gibraltar and Gibraltar International Bank)

Mr Jose Julio Pisharello (Financial Services, Gaming, University of Gibraltar and Gibraltar International Bank)

Mr Peter Isola (Law, Financial Services, Gaming, University of Gibraltar and Gibraltar International Bank)

Mr Albert Langston (Gibraltar International Bank)

Mr Victor Ochello (Trade Union Movement)

Mr Haresh Budhrani QC (Speaker and President of the Hindu Community)

Mr Ali Douissi (Moroccan Community Association)

Mr Clive Golt (Broadcast Journalism and International Relations)

Mr James Dalmedo (Services to successive Chief Ministers)

Mrs Christine Clifton-Psaila (Broadcast Journalism)

Mrs Susan Clifton-Tucker (Broadcasting)

Mr Manuel Ruiz (Senior Citizens)

Mr Terence Lopez (Aviation Industry)

Mr Joseph Acris (Aviation Industry)

Ms Alice Mascarenhas (Broadcast and Written Journalism)

Mr Francis Sheriff (Government and Other Work)

For Services to Sport:

Mr Anthony Joaquin (Martial Arts)

Mr Peter Conroy (Martial Arts)

Mr Frank Carreras (Athletics)

Ms Linda Alvarez (Island Games)

Mr Lee Henry Casciaro (Football)