Students Receive A-Level Results - 94% Pass Rate

Students received their A-Level results today at the Gibraltar College, Westside and Bayside Schools. As usual, results were issued as from 8 am (in UK they are released at 9am UK time) to give students every opportunity of securing their university place.

The overall pass rate was 94% which is the same as last year’s.

There were 10 Gibraltar Scholars, who have attained three As or above. These results remain provisional pending some re-marks which may well result in increases for individual subjects.

The Department of Education, as well as teachers in schools, say they are on hand to “advise, support and provide guidance and assistance” to all students, both those who have secured a place at University and those who may need to continue to seek one through the clearing process or who will now be looking at other options.

Minister for Education, Dr John Cortes, congratulated both students and teachers on their hard work and efforts.

The Director of Education, Jacqueline Mason commented, “Our congratulations to all parents and students who have achieved the goals they set for themselves. This is the culmination of two years of hard work as our students rise to the challenge of meeting university entry requirements supported by their dedicated teachers. School staff will now be at hand to advise students on their chosen career paths and choices.”

The Minister said, “Once again students and teachers - and the whole Education support network- have done us proud. There is an exciting future ahead for all of these young people, regardless of their results. Some will purse higher education, while others will choose other avenues. In every case, we will be there to encourage them, as they look towards their future.”


Two Gibraltar Scholars from Bayside spoke to YGTV about the experience and their plans for further study.

Leon Wellstead received A* A A and is off to study Law at Exeter. He said: “I was quite shocked and overwhelmed. I struggled a lot with Maths and I spent a lot of time and prioritised that subject so to have it all pay off and get an A was quite a proud moment for me.” Leon added that he was feeling excited about heading to the UK to encounter “new teachers, new friends and new subjects."

Frank Devincenzi said receiving his A* A* A results was “a bit surreal.”

He said: “People assume the worst when it comes to academic results but hard work actually does pay off.” Frank is heading to Cambridge to read History: “I’ve been working towards it for a long time.”

He added that he was looking forward to living in the UK: “Gibraltar is a very nice place to grow up and live in but I’m looking forward to that sense of independence and autonomy that comes with living alone and being forced to make new friends and connections.”

Two of Westside’s Gibraltar Scholars also spoke to us:

Saray Imlach received A* A A A and is off to study Liberal Arts in Durham. She said: “I’m really excited to experience some independence. “Gabriella Chipol received A* A* A and is off to study English and History at Leeds University: “I’m just really excited mostly for the independence and it’s also a big city. I cannot wait to experience that kind of lifestyle. “