Together Gibraltar Concerned At Lack Of Control At The Border

Together Gibraltar says they are "concerned" by the "lack" of control at the border.

A statement from TG follows below:

It has been brought to the attention of members of TG that border controls on the Gibraltar side have ceased altogether, and that anybody who wishes to cross the border is currently being let through with only valid Passport or visas as form of identification, and not work contracts as has been the norm with the Covid-19 pandemic controls. As a consequence, constituents are reporting seeing groups of visitors walking the streets of Gibraltar once again. 

Together Gibraltar asks for clarification from Government as to whether border control authorities have been ordered not to ask for work contracts anymore, and if so, what is the reasoning behind this move? 

It must be considered that if this is true, these visitors are elements that will be off the radar of our tracking, tracing and isolating efforts, and represent a completely unnecessary risk to our population. 

This, together with the general lack of social distancing, complete disdain of mask wearing and general lack of observance of all protocols advised by the Gibraltar Public health authorities, is alarming proof that the process of “unlocking the rock” is well and truly out of control. This flies in the face of much more serious and stringent efforts across the border and indeed in most affected countries, where the dangers of living with the virus have been better communicated and the importance of cautionary protocols clearly understood.