COVID-19 Information Update: One Local Case Detected

1st July 2020

Total tests done: 13, 427

Test results pending: 50

Test results received: 13, 377

Confirmed cases: 178

Active cases in Gibraltar: 1

Non-resident active cases detected in Gibraltar: 1

Recovered cases: 176

Number in self-isolation: 5

A total of 6200 tests have been carried out so far in the frontline, targeted and systematic sampling. This is included in the above figures.


Further details on today’s positive COVID case: The person was picked up through targeted screening, is asymptomatic and, although they are well, they have been asked to isolate. The person lives in a house of multiple occupancy so there are a significant number of household contacts.
 The Government says that having zero cases would be the abnormal situation, given we now have open frontiers.