Retuning Of TV Sets Or Set-Top Boxes

Gibraltar Freeview has notified television viewers who receive GBC directly, using an antenna, of changes taking place next week. 

Fabian Vinet, on behalf of Gibraltar Freeview, said: “In order for Gibraltar to meet its international obligation to free up the 700 MHz frequency band for mobile broadband services, and following instructions communicated by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Gibraltar Freeview’s digital television Channel 56 will be shut down on 29th September. Services currently on Channel 56 (GBC HD and GBC SD) will at that point be transferred to Channel 30. The switch-over is scheduled to take place on the morning of Tuesday 29th September. Viewers who receive these services as part of a cable provider’s package have no need to make any changes themselves, as it is up to the relevant cable providers to retune their systems. However, those viewers who receive their television channels directly, using their own antenna, will have to re-tune their television sets or set-top boxes on Tuesday morning in order to continue receiving GBC Television.” 

These changes are being taken in compliance with Article 1 of Decision (EU) 2017/899.