Farewell To HMS Sabre And HMS Scimitar

HMS Sabre and HMS Scimitar left British Gibraltar Territorial Waters for the final time today. 

A statement from the MOD follows below:

The two Scimitar-class vessels had been hoisted onboard MV Anvil Point earlier this week, ready to begin their journey back to the UK. Since their arrival in Gibraltar in 2003 and up until recently, the two vessels had been operating in Gibraltar, providing security and demonstrating the sovereignty of BGTW as the key units within Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron. 

After 17 years’ service in the Royal Navy, HMS SABRE and HMS SCIMITAR and HMS SABRE have now been temporarily replaced with HMS DASHER and HMS PURSUER. DASHER and PURSUER, two Archer Class vessels have brought a significant increase in capability to both tackle greater sea states and provide much improved crew habitability. 

Squadron Commanding Officer LLoyd Cardy said: “SABRE and SCIMITAR have provided an exceptional service in contributing to the demonstration of UK sovereignty of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters over the last 17 years. Their departure marks the end of an era. DASHER and PURSUER will continue to maintain that capability as we prepare for their long-term replacements arriving over the next 18 months.”