Temporary Replacement Of G1

As already reported, the Chief Minister’s official vehicle was recently damaged during travel in Spain.

That vehicle is now undergoing repairs by Tesla. These repairs will take some weeks.

In the interim, the Government has entered into an arrangement with A.M. Capurro for the lease of a fully electric car to temporarily replace the Tesla.

A Jaguar I-Pace EV HSE will be leased for an initial 6-month period, at a cost of £400 per month, when it will also serve as a back-up “G1”.

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, said: “I am grateful to A.M. Capurro for the very generous terms agreed to allow the Government the use of this exceptionally well equipped car at a very competitive rate. We have been able to source locally a vehicle that falls totally in line with Government policy of encouraging the use of electric vehicles as the most environmentally friendly form of vehicular transport.”