GMBA Urges Government To Consider Morocco Prior To This Weeks Trade Agreement

The Gibraltar Morocco Business Association has issued a statement asking the Government to consider Morocco "whatever the outcome" of the Trade Agreement with the EU this week. 

A statement from the Gibraltar Morocco Business Association follows below:

On the eve of the self-imposed deadline by the UK Government to reach a Trade Agreement with the EU by the 15th October 2020, the Gibraltar and Morocco Business Association would like to express to the Government and the people of Gibraltar that whatever the outcome, we are prepared to assist the Government and our Economy to redirect itself to look towards the South as Gibraltar did in the late 1960s.
We did it then and we can do it again, but now it can happen with little or no interruptions as we are better prepared for this.

We therefore urge our Government not to forget the possibilities presented to Gibraltar by Morocco since, whatever the outcome, it makes business sense to have alternative options.