Together Gibraltar Demands “Full Disclosure” On Mid Town Park “Fiasco”

Together Gibraltar has called for the Government to provide “full disclosure” on the costs of the works at the Mid Town Park.

A statement continued: “This week has seen works commence yet again at the inappropriately named “Mid Town Park”, with the patch of lawn rushed through in time for the last election dug up and discarded.

“This is yet another example of incompetent management and another ill-thought out, supposed environmental measure, that results in a net negative impact on our air quality and environment. This also happened with the Line Wall road pedestrianisation (which created polluting traffic gridlocks in other roads), or the recent uprooting of valuable, fully grown trees at the old Casino site.

“This is also reflective of another pernicious trend carried out by administrations of both colours in the past: the practice of completing flashy works and unfulfilled manifesto promises a few months before the election, rushing these projects through at great cost to the taxpayer - and often with shoddy results that have to be corrected (at even more cost to the taxpayer) soon after the election is over.

“TG believes that government must put an end to these pernicious practices once and for all, for the benefit of our environment, our quality of life, and the health of our public finances. The party also demands full disclosure of the costs of the works carried out in the Mid Town park area, both now and before the 2019 election. The people of Gibraltar will not be fooled again by this damaging and self-serving behaviour.”