British Forces Gibraltar Provides Military Medical Personnel Support To ERS

A team of six military medics from British Forces Gibraltar has been working alongside staff  from the Elderly Residential Services (ERS) at the Mount Alvernia site in response to the  wider COVID-19 pandemic. 

A statement from British Forces Gibraltar follows below:

The deployment was part of a military aid to civil authorities (MACA) task endorsed by the  UK Minister for the Armed Forces. The team, consisting of highly trained medical  professionals from all three Services, conducted some in-house pre-deployment training at  the Princess Royal Medical Centre (PRMC) then received more task-focused training from  the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) staff before taking up the MACA role. 

Whilst at Mount Alvernia, the team was mostly employed in low-grade medical but high grade humanitarian roles where the medics assisted in the day-to-day care of the residents,  giving the permanent staff the chance for some much needed down time and allowing for the  relocation of some of their essential clinical staff to other areas within the GHA. 

Lieutenant Commander Mark Chambers Royal Navy, HQBF Gibraltar’s Medical Staff Officer said: “This MACA task was well planned and delivered here in Gibraltar. Our team members, who were fresh, enthusiastic, capable and cheerful, were very well received and  enormously valued by the residents and staff alike. Hopefully we have made a genuine  difference and it’s good to know the team has been able to play a small part in the amazing  efforts in the ERS which has seen the numbers of residents with COVID 19 drop  significantly.”