Feb 14 - Hacked

HackedWe have received the story and thought it would be of interest to all our readers. Remember, this is a worldwide issue these days and nobody is 100% protected.

"The convenience of online shopping and social media at our finger tips is something most of us can barely contemplate being without. However, this makes it all the more important to keep online security in mind when it comes to your accounts. According to "Hacked," an infographic posted by OnlineCollegeCourses.com, 3 in 4 Americans have or will fall victim to cyber crime.

In addition, 90% of business had their computer systems hacked over the last 12 months, and 77% were hacked more than once. In 2011, 77 million accounts were compromised on the Sony Playstation Network. It is estimated that in one year, all stolen intellectual property worldwide has totaled to about $1 trillion.

Schools are also a prime target for hackers. Their student databases hold a wealth of valuable information, which can be sold to marketers or circulated through illegal trading ring sites. In 2012, more than 100 universities feel victim to hacking. Among these were Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, and Harvard, to name a handful.

Mobile technology and social networking accounts present cyber criminals with easy access in many cases. Approximately 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked each day. This is equivalent to about seven accounts per second.

To protect yourself, be sure to choose a password that is not easily guessed. For example, include both uppercase and lower case letters, and incorporate numbers and symbols as well. Also, remember to vary your passwords from account to account. This will help protect your other accounts, should a hacker gain access to one."

Written by Allison Morris

Hacked Infographic