Jun 14 - Upper Town Renewal Projects Tabled at DPC Meeting

dpcDuring this morning’s monthly meeting of the Development and Planning Commission, a number of Upper Town regeneration projects, funded by the Government were tabled for comment. Outlining the recently announced St. Bernard’s first and Middle School plan, project manager Chris Riddell explained that works to rid the former St. Bernard’s Hospital building of asbestos had already begun.

Efforts to increase pavements in the area will be looked into. Commenting on the heritage factor of the building, Claire Montado of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust noted that once the first stage of works had been done, perhaps the Heritage Trust could visit the site to determine any items of heritage value and make sure they are preserved or removed and not just thrown away. Carl Viagas of the Heritage and Culture Agency also outlined the Upper Town renewal plan, which was largely welcomed by the Commission. Town Planner Paul Origo suggested that perhaps the pans could include further water features.

Mr. Viagas also detailed the plans to improve Grand Battery, by paving the patio used for gun salutes. The tree currently obstructing the fire steps would be removed and the steps refurbished.