• COVID-19 Information Update - Friday 23rd October - 130 Cases
  • COVID-19 Information Update - Friday 23rd October - 130 Cases

    Friday 23rd October 2020

    Total tests done: 60,887 

    Test results pending: 6 

    Test results received: 60,881 

    Confirmed cases: 641 (+ 11 new positive cases) 

    Active cases: 130 (128: residents / 2: visitors)  

    Recovered cases: 500 (+5 new recovered)  

    Self-isolation: 833 

    Positive cases in COVID-19 Ward: 8 

    Positive cases in CCU: 0 

    Positive Cases in ERS: 5 

    Deaths: 0  

    A total of 17,954 tests have been carried out so far in the frontline, targeted and  systematic sampling. This is included in the above figures.  

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Positive Cases In Schools 20th October 2020

There have been 5 new positive cases of COVID-19 identified within Government schools. 

Two positive cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Westside School and one positive case of  COVID-19 has been identified in each of the following schools: St Bernard’s Lower Primary; St  Anne’s Upper Primary; and Bayside School. 

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