Editor's Blog Jan 26th 2012


At present there are something in the region of thirty on going, armed conflicts around the world, some of which have been going on for since 1953 (North Korea, no peace deal signed).

Most of these are not official wars, as they are not being fought by or on behalf of a state or legislative state but rather by the people. To wage war it takes money in order to arm and equip the people doing the fighting.

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Editor's Blog Jan 25th 2012

What is the truth about the finances?


I normally have trouble balancing my own budget, let alone one of a country, what I do know; by the end of some basic maths is what I have spent and what I have not.

Now if you listen to either Chief Minister Mr. Fabian Picardo or the Leader of the GSD Mr. Peter Caruana in what has been nearly a week of a pathetic game of who is telling truth tennis, I come away none the wiser.

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Editor's Blog Jan 24th 2012

Social Media Fatigue

As Editor I do get to use all the tools available to me to search the news, and to keep up with friends and family. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Plus hours of trawling the Internet for newsworthy items.

It has taken its toll though; I awoke this morning at 0530hrs as is my norm scanned all the News apps and wrote some posts from the comfort of my bed using my ipad by 0645 I had some how fallen asleep only to awake at 0855hrs.

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Editor's Blog Jan 23rd 2012

Who is Nigel Pardo?

A name that has been bandied around on the social network this weekend is that of Nigel Pardo.

Who is Nigel Pardo and why, is he on everybody’s lips?

Mr Pardo is a property Developer and consultant that first came to light, at least to me around 2010 when the then Shadow Minister for financial services the now CM Mr Fabian Picardo asked in parliament what salary or fee Mr. Nigel Pardo (or any company legally or beneficially owned by him) receive from the Government or any Government owned company for the provision of consultancy or other services and provide a list of the services provided to the Government in return for such remuneration.

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Editor's Blog Jan 20th 2012

“That YGTV Ed could have done better”.


Home sweet home, will be on my mind according to the Horoscope in the local press, this morning “And being a gadget lover, especially around my place I may want to indulge in some surfing or browsing to find the latest must have buy. If I can find one that will replace the work of three or four,  “It goes on to say”, I could save myself some space and impress some friends too.

What a load of cobblers, just because a Mystic Meg type person tells you the Sun is in perfect alignment with Uranus and all is going to be peachy today I can go about my life with a warm fuzzy feeling.

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