Man Fined £118,000 For Possession Of Cigarettes In A Commercial Quantity Without A Licence

A 46 year old man was fined £118,000 in Court yesterday after he was arrested in  November 2019 by HM Customs officers of the Flexible Anti-Smuggling Team. 

A joint statement from the Government and HM Customs follows below:

He was in  ‘Possession of cigarettes in a commercial quantity, without a licence,’ namely 3729  cartons. Pedro GOMEZ ARROYO was employed as a shop attendant in a retail tobacco  business. The amount was being held in a separate licensed store but was beyond the  permitted quantity. The individual assumed sole responsibility for his actions. The  Magistrate’s Court ordered that the fine be paid by October 2022 or else a six month  custodial sentence would have to be served. The unlicensed tobacco was forfeited.