BrightMed Gibraltar Invited To International Music Showcase Festival In Israel

BrightMed Gibraltar has been invited to the last edition of the International Music Showcase Festival 2019 (Israel) – a platform that enables the decision makers in the global music industry to discover the best Israeli bands and artists in rock, indie, electronic, jazz and world music.

The showcase is a four day event and the Gibraltarian delegation says it has been proud to continue promote the Gibraltar World Music Festival and especially Gibraltar to all of the delegates and companies that have taken part in this forum from all over the world (USA, UK, France, China, Turkey)

A statement continued: “The Israeli scene is known as one of the best in the world and its maturity in terms of creativity due to its cultural melting pot. The country, which is renowned for its high tech companies, demonstrates the same phenomenon in the music field. Israeli musicians known as serious start-ups and prominent artistic directors of the industry through out the world acknowledge their level.

“BrightMed delegation has been invited to attend all conferences and showcases together with the organisers and management. BrightMed and the Gibraltar World Music Festival are recognised as a major brand in the Jazz and World Music industry and artists have been competing to be selected by the jury of the GWMF with the aim to perform one day in St. Michael’s Cave.

“To date the Gibraltar World Music Festival has covered many regions of the world such as India, Morocco, Japan, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, Spain… and no less than 10 bands from Israel have already hit the stage of Gibraltar in the last eight years many of which enjoy an international fame today. As a result of hard work, high level cultural scene and an amazing coverage all over the world, various cultural collaborations together with UK, USA, and Japan representatives have put into motion for coming years of GWMF.”