Minister: School Gates Opening Earlier Will Help Reduce Traffic Congestion

The Minister for Education has said that opening school gates at 8:30am will help to reduce traffic congestion. Minister Cortes added that the Government encourages everyone to walk, cycle or use the bus.

Although there are no changes being made to the timings of the formal school day, the Government of Gibraltar has put into place measures to open the school gates earlier than has been the case in the past.

As from next Monday 16th September, all schools (with the exception of St Martin’s) will be open to pupils as from 08:30. This gives parents a 30-minute drop off window before lessons proper start at 09:00. Adequate supervision will be provided as from 08:30 up until the start of the school day at 09:00. Registers will be taken at 09:00 and pupils will only be marked as late if they arrive after the 09:00 threshold.

St Martin’s model will continue in its current form and will be reviewed over the course of the autumn term.

Commenting on the change, Minister for Education John Cortes said, “We have been working on this for some time and discussing with the Union (NASUWT) and Senior Teachers. I am very grateful to the teachers who have been involved in the discussions and who are helping in achieving this, which will be of benefit to the community.

“Opening the school gates at 8.30 will help many families at the start of the day, and will also help spread traffic over a longer period and reduce congestion. Although of course we do encourage all those children who are able to, to walk, cycle or use public transport!”