New Security Bollards At Casemates Gates

The Ministry of Business, Tourism, Transport and The Port is pleased has announced the successful installation of a new sliding security bollard system at Casemates Gates which is now operational.

This innovative surface mounted bollard system consists of two fixed bollards on a plate with a single central sliding bollard to provide access into Casemates. The low profile configuration of this system allows the installation of these bollards in areas where deep excavations are not feasible due to existing infrastructure in the ground. The configuration also allows constant pedestrian access even whilst closed.

This new hostile vehicle mitigation device at Casemates Gates is the first of its kind in Gibraltar and its performance will be monitored before more locations are rolled out to safely and effectively secure the Town Centre from unauthorized vehicles. The aperture between the fixed bollards also acts as a speed calming measure meaning when the sliding bollard is open, vehicles would need to reduce their speed to transit through.

The Minister for Business, Tourism, Transport and The Port, Vijay Daryanani, said: “In line with the Government’s manifesto commitment to remove the temporary Jersey barriers for permanent retractable bollards or barriers, this is a step in the right direction to control and regulate the movement of vehicular traffic in the Town Centre, whilst providing the adequate protection to the public.”