Minister Daryanani On BBC 5 Live Radio

Yesterday the Minister for Tourism, Vijay Daryanani, was interviewed by BBC 5 Live Radio.

A statement from the Government follows below:

Minister Daryanani was asked about our successful vaccination program, the general COVID-19 situation and our plans on welcoming British tourists to Gibraltar. 

Another point he was quizzed on was the announcement of the new traffic light system for travel  being considered by the UK Government. 

Commenting on the interview, Minister Daryanani said: “This was an excellent opportunity to  inform UK radio listeners about how well we have done during these difficult times, how hard our  community has worked to follow the rules to protect each other, and our intentions of welcoming  British tourists to Gibraltar as soon as the UK Government allows its citizens to travel.  

“They were keen to know that we are a safe destination for travel. As we continue to raise  awareness of Gibraltar, we will advertise our product in the UK news media as much as possible. I  also took the opportunity to thank the UK Government for their steadfast support in providing us  with the vaccine. We couldn’t have done it without them”