Minister For Sport Thanks UCLan Sports Medical Students

At this summer’s 2019 NatWest International Gibraltar Island Games, the Gibraltar Island Games Organising Committee (GIGOC) made a partnership with University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) for them to provide Medical Cover for athletes. They worked together with professionals from the GHA.

They provided 23 BSc Sport Therapy Students with a further 7 Postgraduate Sports Medicine Students. This partnership proved to be one which benefitted both sides. The Games had GHA professional medical cover and Sports Medical students who learnt a great deal from the experience at the games.

This is the first time that the Island Games has had Polyclinics and all the medical support since previously the games had to rely on just what was available.

The Minister for Sport has thanked the UCLan lecturers and students. Special thanks also go to Andy Cunningham who made the initial contact with the GIGOC.

The Minister for Sport Steven Linares said: “I have thanked them for their involvement at our Games but I think it is fitting to thank them again since they have published, on Thursday 15th August, an interesting article in “The Society of Sports Therapists” which is dedicated to their experience and how they have broken new ground at our Games. This is the second article in which the Gibraltar Island Games has featured in this publication. Not only have we raised the bar in terms of having first class facilities, but we have also been able to give athletes a first class medical cover. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership for our future sporting events.”