Vote All Ten GSD Candidates

By Elliott Phillips

Tomorrow you will be asked one important question namely, who will govern Gibraltar for the next 4 years. Mr Picardo has invited you to put your trust and confidence in him. In our view the GSLP have had 8 years to deliver on their promises and the letters you have received in your letterboxes promising everything to everyone is a pathetic and desperate attempt at buying your vote. 

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Lack Of Democratic Protocol Marks The End Of GSLP Term

By Orlando Yeats 

As we enter the final days before Gibraltar goes to the polls, I would like to draw attention to an aspect of the election campaign that has passed by virtually unnoticed to media and political commentators alike. It is an issue of great significance especially to those who attach importance to the democratic credentials and conduct of an administration. I am referring to the GSLP-Liberal caretaker Government’s abject failure to abide by Westminster styled traditions, the conventions and customs that political parties in UK adhere to and which Mr Picardo often pays enthusiastic lip service to. 

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